about gone pie

 Love... It's the only thing that there's just too little of... 

Okay, and maybe brownies. People should have more brownies in their lives.

Gone Pie is here to take care of both of those things. Have you ever noticed how many of our treats come in heart shapes? That's because we're here to spread love. Love for the animals with an entirely vegan menu, love for those with special diet needs with our gluten free offerings, and love for the environment with our ethically sourced ingredients and palm free baked goods.

The menu at Gone Pie is ever evolving. There are some classics; like the pecan pie recipe that has been worked on for years and years but there's some new things too! Have you seen the brownies topped with vegan M&Ms? When Gone Pie started, vegan M&Ms didn't exist. If you wanted vegan candy, you had to make it yourself (like our peanut butter cups)!

If you'd like to know more, feel free to contact us, check  out our latest Instagram post, or come say hi at one of the local vegan shop up events



Gone Pie is proud to be on the Food Empowerment Project's list of approved chocolate sources!

Food Empowerment Project seeks to create a more just and sustainable world by recognizing the power of one’s food choices. We encourage choices that reflect a more compassionate society by spotlighting the abuse of animals on farms, the depletion of natural resources, unfair working conditions for produce workers, the unavailability of healthy foods in communities of color and low-income areas, and the importance of not purchasing chocolate that comes from the worst forms of child labor.