Welcome to the new Gone Pie site!

Hi there!

I'm Andrea and I've known Barb Pie for...6? 7 years now? We're old. That's crazy. Where did the time go? Anyway!

Barb is an amazing baker but even more than that- she's an amazing human. She puts as much heart and soul into her baking as she does her friendships and l can vouch for how much love she's shown me over the years. There is no one who puts as much thought and effort into each and every recipe. Some of these creations have been in the making for years and years but she's continuously editing in order to use the most ethical ingredients and create the most delicious result!

Her new website is a reflection of all of the things I think of when I think of Barb- fun, spunky colors, minimalist but full of information, and full of sweetness!